Host Voice

Picture if you will


A gathering occurs, either family or friends

Filling a room all the way to both ends

Laughter and music, party in full swing

The Duke reigns here long before the King


Slowly, slowly, a heavy hush falls

As you turn your attention to one of the walls

Where standing upright with a dark varnish shine

And speakers emitting a faint little whine


The Radio


A curious device, a box for sound

Music or chatter once you have found

The line to listen to all together

Discussions of sports or maybe the weather


So you flick on the switch and turn the dial

Twisting to the left then the right for a while

A squeal, a fizzle, a crack and a pop

Then the words come through and you finally stop


And listen…


Good afternoon folks and thanks for tuning in

Comes the voice with the tone of a Cheshire cat grin

Ladies and Gents we’ve got a great show for you

So raise the volume a notch or two


You oblige, all sharing a smile

Knowing you’ll each be sat here a while

Dancing along to the cheerful jingle

As the waves transmit to your ears with a tingle


Soon you’re all focused on the hosts voice

Unable to leave even if given the choice

Unable to notice the atmosphere change

Or the signals flowing through each tonal range


Whose voice can you hear on the radio waves?


You don’t question, of course you don’t

And if that doesn’t bother then you certainly won’t

Pay attention to each of the little echoes

Flitting in the background like startled geckoes


The quality drops, the voice sharply cuts

Cra-a-ckling sta-a-tic twisting your guts

It thickens the air, pulses in the ears

Far worse to those in their younger years


You go for the dial, try to find the old flow

As the squealing signal goes from high to low

Pitchy then scratchy then perfect then mute

To the joy it seems there is no route


But then…


Frequency found, you’ve got it back!

Though in truth, are you the one trying to track

The host? Or in fact when the dial was turned

Was it him who found your trace had returned?


Thank you all for listening, it’s you folks who make the magic work…


A jolt to the brain. A thump of the heart.

Clutching to stop yourself falling apart

Just as transfixed sits your little group

Words and music melting into soup


Waves, thoughts, they become intertwined

By this point the sound has its claws in your mind

Before pain registers, before you can shout

The final words start to slowly…




Now folks be sure that you stay tuned for tomorrow’s show

Same time…

Same place…

We’re always here for our listeners

Have a lovely night folks



Poetry time. Decided to share this in honor of the pilot premiere of Hazbin Hotel, a wonderful adult animated show created by the incredible Vivienne Medrano and her team. This is inspired by one of the main characters Alastor, voiced excellently by Edward Bosco. I love Alastor so much and thought it would be fun to try my own interpretation of the concept of a Radio Demon. Be sure to check out the pilot, it’s absolutely brilliant and deserves as much attention as possible.

Hazbin Hotel Pilot –

P.S. It’s very annoying that I can’t just add spaces between verses (hence the use of asterisks), hopefully it looks alright.

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