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Our world is being choked * It has been choked by smoke Nature burning for months All living things affected Earth crying for the fires death Homes at risk in need of aid With few high answering the call Yet when history was set alight It was quickly promised new life Tears for glass andContinue reading “Choked”

Red Thread

“Keep your stitches neat and your head down. Focus only on your work.” “Yes Miss.” Evelyn chorused with the rest of the room, keeping her eyes on her embroidery. The stitched face of a woman looked back at her while she continued to sew. She was an elegant lady, pale-skinned and red-haired in a darkContinue reading “Red Thread”

Hello peeps, my name is Angela and this is very much a work in progress. Eventually I plan to start releasing a some serial fiction but I wanted to get used to running a blog before that. Plus I’m trying to push myself with my creative writing so I figured it would be good to start putting more of my short stories out there to get feedback. Do not be afraid to comment, I appreciate positive responses but I prefer constructive criticism as that helps me to improve (if your response is not constructive it’ll likely be ignored, just saying something is bad doesn’t help me get better).

In terms of what you can expect to read I prefer doing fantasy, sci-fi and horror (many pieces will have a horror twist/aesthetic/theme, not all but a good chunk of them). I am also obsessed with Ancient Egypt (to the point I got a university degree in Egyptology, clearly a good use of the governments money) and I hope to start using it in my fiction.

That’s about it, I look forward to getting some responses.

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